Doing the Unthinkable

Isaiah - HINDI / February 28, 2021

Having told about the birth, identity, and career of God’s Deliverer, Isaiah finally reveals the supreme tragedy that gives us hope: to reach, save, and heal lost people, including us, God’s Servant voluntarily bears our suffering and punishment.

To Serve and to Save

Isaiah - HINDI / February 21, 2021

Deliverance requires a Deliverer. God’s servant nation would be delivered by two deliverers: Cyrus, who would set the captives free from Babylonian exile, and an unnamed Servant, whose identity as the Messiah is progressively revealed. This Servant would restore justice and bring the community of survivors back to God.

“Comfort My People”

Isaiah - HINDI / February 14, 2021

Through Isaiah, God brought comfort to those who had been suffering. Their time of trouble had ended, and God was returning to them. Rather than being discouraged and confused, they could trust God to use His creative power on their behalf.

Defeat of the Assyrians

Isaiah - HINDI / February 07, 2021

In response to the cry of a faithful king, God saved His people and showed who He is: the omnipotent King of Israel who controls the destiny of earth; not only does He destroy those who attempt to destroy His people but He also provides opportunities for others, no matter how “Babylonian,” to become His people.

Playing God

Isaiah - HINDI / January 31, 2021

Isaiah saw that following Assyria, Babylon would conquer Judah. But he also saw that in spite of superhuman rulers of the dark- ness of this world (Eph. 6:12) working through God’s human enemies and presuming to play God, the Lord would decisively prevail and bring eternal peace to our troubled planet.

Noble Prince of Peace

Isaiah - HINDI / January 24, 2021

In the days of Isaiah, whose name means “Salvation of the Lord,” God promised His remnant people salvation from the oppression that was coming upon them as a result of national apostasy. This prophecy of hope finds its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus, whose name means “The Lord is Salvation.”

The Hard Way

Isaiah - HINDI / January 17, 2021

Through Isaiah’s actions and family, as well as his words, God reinforced the message of warning and hope: the only safe course is to trust that God knows what He is doing. He has both the love and the power to guide, protect, and provide for those who let Him. For those who turn to other powers, there is only gloom.

When Your World Is Falling Apart

Isaiah - HINDI / January 10, 2021

God brought faithless King Ahaz to circumstances in which he had to make a difficult decision: To believe or not to believe, this is the question. Even though the Lord offered him any sign that his imagination could devise, he refused to allow God to demonstrate a reason why he should believe. Instead, he chose as his “friend” the king of Assyria.

Crisis of Leadership

Isaiah - HINDI / January 03, 2021

At a time of insecurity, when the weakness of human leadership was painfully obvious, Isaiah was given a grand vision of the supreme Leader of the universe. Petrified by inadequacy but purified and empowered by mercy, Isaiah was ready to go forth as God’s ambassador into a hostile world.

Crisis of Identity

Isaiah - HINDI / December 27, 2020

When God’s people forget Him and take His blessings for granted, He reminds them they are accountable to their covenant with Him. Mercifully, He points out their condition, warns them about the destructive consequences of abandoning His protection, and urges them to allow Him to heal and cleanse them.

A Step in Faith

Making Friends for God - The Joy of Sharing in His Mission - HINDI / September 20, 2020

When we respond to His leading, accept His command, and unite with Him in reaching lost people for His kingdom, it calls for sacrifice, but the joys He offers are far greater.

A Message Worth Sharing

Making Friends for God - The Joy of Sharing in His Mission - HINDI / September 13, 2020

In this week’s lesson, we will study Revelation’s relevance for a twenty-first-century contemporary society. Together we will discover anew Jesus’ appeal to His last-day church to share this end-time message.

Sharing the Story of Jesus

Making Friends for God - The Joy of Sharing in His Mission - HINDI / September 06, 2020

When Christ is the center of every doctrine and each biblical teaching reflects His character, those we are sharing the Scriptures with are much more likely to accept His Word.

An Exciting Way to Get Involved

Making Friends for God - The Joy of Sharing in His Mission - HINDI / August 30, 2020

During this week’s study, we will focus on the biblical basis for small groups, and you will discover an exciting way to get involved.

Developing a Winning Attitude

Making Friends for God - The Joy of Sharing in His Mission - HINDI / August 23, 2020

In this week’s lesson, we will explore more deeply Jesus’ attitude toward people and discover how to apply these principles in our own lives.