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Our God is a Compassionate God

Jesus moved with compassion when He was on this earth. He does not consider anyone unworthy to meet Him in the New Jerusalem. To know more about this compassionate God, join us with Dr. Frank Adiele in this series “Our God is a Compassionate God”.

Prepare to meet thy God

Before Jesus ascended back to Heaven, He said that He would be going back to Heaven to prepare a place for us, so that we can dwell with him for eternity. But how should we prepare to meet our God. Join Dr. Frank as he tells us how to prepare ourselves to meet Him.

SEIU - Zoom Revival Meeting | It's Time to Own your Future

South East India Union in partnership with Hope Channel India presents 10 Days of Prayer and Revival in the theme "It's Time to Own your Future".

SEIU Zoom Revival Meeting 2020

Join us in South East India Union's Revival Meeting 2020 and be Blessed!!!

The Lord Jesus is our only Hope

If our future is not secured and satisfied by God then we are going to be excessively anxious. Christian Hope is when God has promised that something is going to happen and you put your trust in that promise. This Hope is the recognition that in Christ is found the fulfilment of God’s promises and through Him will the promises be fulfilled.