To Love The Lord Your God

Present Truth in Deuteronomy - HINDI / October 17, 2021

On what basis are we called to love God? Why did Jesus choose to cite Deuteronomy in summing up the “Law of Love”? How are our minds involved in the process of love, or is it only how we feel? How is love demonstrated? What is the danger in believing that it’s not necessary to think when it comes to matters of religion?

The Everlasting Covenant

Present Truth in Deuteronomy - HINDI / October 10, 2021

While the “rainbow covenant” certainly is a kind promise by God, how does this look after the killing of everyone on earth except for eight people? How does this promise fit in with the other “covenants” made by God? How do we view this promise for “all future generations” today? How does all this fit into the great controversy perspective?

Moses’ History Lesson

Present Truth in Deuteronomy - HINDI / October 03, 2021

How were the Israelites meant to respond to Moses’ recounting of their history? Is it true that the only thing we learn from history is that we don’t learn from history? Why did Israel make so many mistakes in their relationship with God? What were the underlying causes? How are we to respond to this historical narrative? What lessons do we learn? How does God look?

Preamble to Deuteronomy

Present Truth in Deuteronomy - HINDI / September 26, 2021

What is the immediate context of the book of Deuteronomy? Why is this particularly important? How does this fit into the great controversy, with the Devil’s charges and God’s answers? What are the significant lessons for us in a book that seems to be about many laws and requirements, and Israel’s frequent failures? What are our take-aways?

The Roots of Restlessness

Rest In Christ - HINDI / July 11, 2021

There are many things that can prevent us from finding true rest in Jesus which we will find out today.

Restless and Rebellious

Rest In Christ - HINDI / July 04, 2021

Christ offers rest to all who come to Him in faith and obedience.

Living in a 24–7 Society

Rest In Christ - HINDI / June 27, 2021

In the busy times of our lives, we often yearn for the rest that only the Living God offers. Sabbath is a time when we can become refreshed and commune with Him.

Rebirth of Planet Earth

Isaiah - HINDI / March 21, 2021

Isaiah presents a vision of staggering scope. Not only would God purge and restore His community of faith but He also would enlarge its borders to encompass all nations. Ultimately the re-creation of His community would lead to the re-creation of planet Earth, where His presence would be the ultimate comfort of His people.

Desire of Nations

Isaiah - HINDI / March 14, 2021

God purifies an unjust society by removing the rebels and by restoring the remnant who turn from the sins that have separated them from Him. Due to the blessings of God’s presence, people from other nations are drawn to God and His people so that they also can enjoy the time of God’s favor that is proclaimed and delivered by the Messiah.

Waging Love

Isaiah - HINDI / March 07, 2021

In Isaiah 55 and 58, the prophet appeals to his people to give up their thoughts and ways and return to God, whose ideal for their happiness is so much higher than their own. He mercifully pardons and then insists that the pardoned be merciful, in harmony with the spirit of the Day of Atonement and the Sabbath, because the gift of God’s forgiveness, if it is truly received, transforms the heart.

Doing the Unthinkable

Isaiah - HINDI / February 28, 2021

Having told about the birth, identity, and career of God’s Deliverer, Isaiah finally reveals the supreme tragedy that gives us hope: to reach, save, and heal lost people, including us, God’s Servant voluntarily bears our suffering and punishment.

To Serve and to Save

Isaiah - HINDI / February 21, 2021

Deliverance requires a Deliverer. God’s servant nation would be delivered by two deliverers: Cyrus, who would set the captives free from Babylonian exile, and an unnamed Servant, whose identity as the Messiah is progressively revealed. This Servant would restore justice and bring the community of survivors back to God.

“Comfort My People”

Isaiah - HINDI / February 14, 2021

Through Isaiah, God brought comfort to those who had been suffering. Their time of trouble had ended, and God was returning to them. Rather than being discouraged and confused, they could trust God to use His creative power on their behalf.

Defeat of the Assyrians

Isaiah - HINDI / February 07, 2021

In response to the cry of a faithful king, God saved His people and showed who He is: the omnipotent King of Israel who controls the destiny of earth; not only does He destroy those who attempt to destroy His people but He also provides opportunities for others, no matter how “Babylonian,” to become His people.

Playing God

Isaiah - HINDI / January 31, 2021

Isaiah saw that following Assyria, Babylon would conquer Judah. But he also saw that in spite of superhuman rulers of the dark- ness of this world (Eph. 6:12) working through God’s human enemies and presuming to play God, the Lord would decisively prevail and bring eternal peace to our troubled planet.