The New Life / September 26, 2019

God has given a wonderful opportunity through which we can have a New Life. When a person confesses his sins to God, he has a great opportunity to live with God for eternity.

Good Samaritan

The New Life / September 19, 2019

A good Samaritan is a person who does good deeds out of compassion and not because of any hope of reward.


The New Life / September 12, 2019

God gave a second chance to the woman who was caught in adultly. Similarly we too commit innumerable amount of sins which God is willing to forgive if we repent.

The Second Coming of Christ

The New Life / September 05, 2019

This world is ending soon. But God said that He will come again to take His people along with Him to live a New Life with Him forever.


The New Life / August 29, 2019

Church is a place where every sinner can hear the Word of God and live a new life putting the old sins behind.

The Nature of Humanity

The New Life / August 22, 2019

Nature of human is to sin. But God gave us the everlasting Gospel through which we can change our natural habits to His pure habits.

The Son

The New Life / August 15, 2019

We are saved through the son of God. He paid the ultimate price to purchase us by his blood.


The New Life / August 08, 2019

Being Baptised is to die to that past sins and being born again in Christ to live a renewed life.

Holy Spirit

The New Life / August 01, 2019

God said, I will send you a comforter to bring you out of your troubles and temptations to give you joy and happiness in the last days.

Word of God

The New Life / July 25, 2019

The Word of God is a powerful weapon to comfort people in times of troubles.

Lord's Supper

The New Life / July 18, 2019

Every sinner must be washed in the Blood of Jesus and partake of His Body.


The New Life / July 11, 2019

Sabbath is the remembrance of His creation. Every Sabbath, God creates a New Life in each person to face another week.


The New Life / July 04, 2019

God is the creator who can create anything and transform useless to useful.

Sermon 13

The New Life / September 26, 2017

Sermon 12

The New Life / September 19, 2017