Oneness In Christ - Tamil / Pr. Doss J Kumar

Final Restoration of Unity

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / December 23, 2018

The Bible speaks confidently of the time this earth will be re-created and the ravages of sin erased forever. At last humanity will be restored to its original purpose, and all people will live in harmony. Our current spiritual oneness in Christ, though not now fully realized, will then be a living and eternal reality.

Church Organization and Unity

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / December 16, 2018

Good church organization is essential to the mission of the church and to the unity of believers. Christ is the Head of the church, and church leaders are to follow His example as they lead the people of God. Unity is preserved through the faithful teaching of the Word of God and by living in faithfulness to that Word.

Unity in Worship

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / December 09, 2018

Worship is the Christian believer’s thankful response to God for His gift of salvation. It also is an essential element of the Christian community’s experience of unity and fellowship. Without prayer and Bible study in a desire to know God’s truth for us, our community will fail to experience oneness in Christ.

Unity and Broken Relationships

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / December 02, 2018

The gospel of Jesus Christ is about healing and transformation. And when these come, they cannot help impacting our relationship with others. The Bible gives us powerful principles and examples of how we can have good and close relationships with others, even in a world of sin.

The Most Convincing Proof

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / November 25, 2018

The most convincing proof of unity is for brothers and sisters to love each other as Jesus did. The forgiveness of our sins and the salvation we share in common as Adventists are the best bonds of our fellowship. In Christ, we can thus show the world our unity and witness of our common faith. We are called to do nothing less.

Unity in Faith

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / November 18, 2018

Seventh-day Adventists hold in common many fundamental beliefs. Some we hold in common with other Christians; others not. Taken as a whole, these teachings form our identity as a distinct church and are the foundation of our unity in Jesus.

When Conflicts Arise

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / November 11, 2018

The early church was threatened by internal conflicts over a number of issues that could have had a devastating effect on it. We saw the way that the church, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and submission to the Word of God, was able to resolve these conflicts and avert schisms.

Images of Unity

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / November 04, 2018

The New Testament uses different metaphors to illustrate both the nature and mission of the church. More important, these metaphors teach that God attentively is watching over His people and protects them. These images also teach that God’s people are intricately linked with each other and that we need each other to do the work that we have been called to do.

The Experience of Unity in the Early Church

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / October 28, 2018

The early church experienced rapid growth because Jesus’ disciples intentionally prepared themselves for the outpouring of the promised Holy Spirit. Their fellowship and common faith were the means used by the Holy Spirit to prepare their hearts for Pentecost. After Pentecost the Holy Spirit continued to transform this new community, as is manifested in their generosity toward each other and the rapid growth of the church.

The Key to Unity

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / October 21, 2018

In his Epistle to the Ephesians, Paul gives many counsels regarding what it means for Christians to be “in Christ.” Salvation in Jesus transforms our lives in practical ways. All our human relationships, including relations between brothers and sisters in the church, are transformed by the power of Christ in our lives. And this transformation is crucial in order for us to have unity.

"That They All May Be One”

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / October 14, 2018

Jesus’ high-priestly prayer in John 17 is a reminder that Jesus still is concerned about church unity today. His prayer should be our prayer, and we should seek ways to solidify our faith in God’s Word. Love for one another also should characterize our relationships to everyone, including other Christians, whatever our theological differences may be.

Causes of Disunity

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / October 07, 2018

In the Bible we find situations that led to disunity. When God’s people lived in faithful obedience, the dangers of disunity were greatly diminished. Bad decisions from the time of the judges as well as from the reign of Rehoboam opened the door for division. Even in New Testament times, the potential for disunity remained. A proper understanding of God’s Word and the sanctified effort to obey it are the best protection against disunity and schism among us.

Creation and Fall

Oneness In Christ - Tamil / September 30, 2018

God’s original plan at Creation intended for humanity to live harmoniously and in unity as one family. The disobedience of our first parents caused an interruption in God’s plan. Yet, God called Abraham to establish a people through whom He can keep alive the promise of restoration that is found only in Christ.