Journey to Rome

The Book of Acts - HINDI / September 23, 2018

Paul was being taken to Rome from Caesarea on a ship. This journey was cut short because of a tempest. Paul ministered on the ship and also with a prophetic message from God, told that none would die in the ship wreck but there would be casualties. In Malta they had to stay for three months because of the winter, as they were not able to sail during that time. In the stay there, he ministered unto the people.

Confinement in Caesarea

The Book of Acts - HINDI / September 16, 2018

A group of Forty Jews banded together to kill Paul. This news of a plan to kill Paul was made known to the chief captain under whom Paul was imprisoned. He was then taken to Caesarea and put in prison. Paul was confined in Caesarea for two years where he had several hearings on which he appeared before two Roman governors.

Arrest in Jerusalem

The Book of Acts - HINDI / September 09, 2018

Paul was accused of introducing one of the gentile converts into the inner court of the temple where only Jews could enter. The crowd was stirred up against Paul and soon a riot took place. The Roman commander Claudius Lysias, came with his troops as soon as he heard about the riot. Because Paul was the target of the attacks, he was arrested and bound with chains and was taken off to the Roman fortress for interrogation.

The Third Missionary Journey

The Book of Acts - HINDI / September 02, 2018

There was much area to be covered even after his (Paul’s) second missionary journey. Ephesus was the where Paul spent most of his time. From an evangelistic point of view, the ministry in Ephesus was very fruitful. It is also believed that during this third missionary journey churches in the nearby places have been founded through one of his co-workers. ( Col. 4:12,13 , Col. 1:7). This was also Paul’s last missionary journey as a free man.

The Second Missionary Journey

The Book of Acts - HINDI / August 26, 2018

Paul and Barnabas did not cover much area in their first missionary journey. A sharp disagreement led to their separation. After this separation, Paul along with Silas embarked on his second missionary journey. This separation however became a blessing in disguise for them as they were able to cover a wider area than they first planned.

The Jerusalem Council

The Book of Acts - HINDI / August 19, 2018

The conversion of the uncircumcised gentiles and them being admitted into the church membership in huge numbers had become an issue and things became complicated. Many believers in Jerusalem were not happy. For them, the Gentiles would first need to be circumcised to become a part of God’s people. In order to sort out this issue, a council was held in Jerusalem which became a turning point in the history of the apostolic church in relation to its world wide mission.

Paul’s First Missionary Journey

The Book of Acts - HINDI / August 12, 2018

A period of intercessory prayer and fasting that was intentional and carefully planned by the church for the spreading of the Gospel paved way for missionaries to be sent. Paul was one the missionaries who had gone out to preach the good news. This week’s study gives the detailed account of the first missionary journey of Paul.

The Ministry of Peter

The Book of Acts - HINDI / August 05, 2018

The conversion of Gentiles was the most controversial issue in the apostolic church. The outpouring of the Spirit, reminiscent of what had happened at Pentecost, helped to convince Peter and the brethren in Jerusalem that the blessings of the gospel were not restricted to Jews. This week’s study includes the rise of a new, short persecution—this time under King Herod—and its impact on the apostles, who had been spared in the persecution carried out by Paul.

The Conversion of Paul

The Book of Acts - HINDI / July 29, 2018

The conversion of Saul of Tarsus (who became Paul) was one of the most remarkable events in the history of the apostolic church. Paul had both determination and official support to destroy the church. Yet, he responded faithfully to God’s call on the road to Damascus and became the greatest of the apostles.

The First Church Leaders

The Book of Acts - HINDI / July 22, 2018

Many of the converts at the Pentecost were Hellenistic Jews(Jews for the Greco-Roman world who were living Jerusalem). They were different from the Judean Jews. Both of them had several differences among them. The Hellenistic Jews were not much attached to the temple ceremonies and the Mosaic laws. But it was many of the Hellenistic Jews that God used to fulfill the command of bearing the witness to the entire world.

Life in the Early Church

The Book of Acts - HINDI / July 15, 2018

After the pouring of the Holy Spirit, early believers thought that everything was fulfilled: they had received the Spirit and shared the gospel with the whole world. Not that the apostles had left Jerusalem and had gone out to the world, but the world had come to them (Acts 2:5–11). And during this same time the early believers faced opposition and also some disagreements between the Jews and the gentiles, so God had to intervene to keep the church united.


The Book of Acts - HINDI / July 08, 2018

The Pentecost became the first spiritual harvest of the Christian church, when the Holy Spirit was poured out more abundantly than ever before, this outpouring of the Spirit was a sudden, supernatural event that transformed the apostles from simple and obscure Galileans into men of conviction and courage who would change the world.

You Will Be My Witnesses

The Book of Acts - HINDI / July 01, 2018

Jesus could not stay with the disciples forever in human flesh. Not only did His incarnation impose upon Him a physical limitation in the context of a worldwide mission, but His ascension and exaltation in heaven were necessary in order for the Spirit to come.The Holy Spirit, who, ratifying their efforts with many signs and wonders—would empower and lead the disciples on a mission that would reach the ends of the earth. After the ascension of Jesus, the disciples had the task of taking the gospel to the ends of the world and be His witnesses.