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The Book of Romans - TAMIL / December 24, 2017

As Protestants, and especially as Seventh-day Adventists, we rest on the principle of sola scriptura—the Bible alone as the standard of faith. And it is from the Bible that we have learned the same truth that caused our spiritual forefather, centuries ago, to break from Rome—the great truth of salvation by faith, a truth so powerfully expressed in Paul’s epistle to the Romans.

Overcoming Evil With Good

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / December 17, 2017

Paul calls all Christians to a high standard of obedience. This obedience comes from an inward change in our heart and mind, a change that comes only through the power of God working in a person surrendered to Him. The Christian needs to be enlightened as to what the requirements are; What this means is that works are part of the Christian faith. This is no denial of what Paul has said earlier about righteousness by faith. On the contrary, works are the true expression of what it means to live by faith.

The Elect

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / December 10, 2017

Romans 10 and 11, these two chapters have been and remain the focal point of much discussion. One point, however, comes clearly through them all, and that is God’s love for humanity and His great desire to see all humanity saved. Romans 10 makes it very clear that “there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek” (Rom. 10:12). In chapter 11 Paul talks about election and calling, the issue isn’t one of salvation; the issue is the role in God’s plan for reaching the world. No one group has been rejected for salvation. That was never the issue. Instead, after the Cross and after the introduction of the gospel to the Gentiles, particularly through Paul, the early movement of believers—both Jew and Gentile—took on the mantle of evangelising the world.

Children of the Promise

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / December 03, 2017

Are we not free to choose or reject God? In Romans chapter 9, Paul is following a line of argument in which he attempts to show God’s right to pick those whom He will use as His “elected” ones. After all, God is the One who carries the ultimate responsibility of evangelising the world. Therefore, why can He not choose as His agents whomever He wills? So long as God cuts off no one from the opportunity of salvation, such an action on God’s part is not contrary to the principles of free will.

No Condemnation

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / November 26, 2017

Paul tells in Romans 7 that if you refuse to accept Jesus Christ, the wretched experience of Romans 7 will be yours. You will be slaves to sin, unable to do what you choose to do. In Romans 8 he says that Christ Jesus offers you deliverance from sin and the freedom to do the good that you want to do but that your flesh won’t allow.

Who Is the Man of Romans 7

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / November 19, 2017

Bible students differ on whether Romans 7 was Paul’s experience before or after his conversion. Whatever position one takes, what’s important is that Jesus’ righteousness covers us and that in His righteousness we stand perfect before God, who promises to sanctify us, to give us victory over sin, and to conform us to “the image of his Son” (Rom. 8:29).

Overcoming Sin

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / November 12, 2017

“Sanctification,” is the process by which we overcome sin and, more and more, reflect the character of Christ. To be sanctified is often presented as a past completed act. The biblical usage of “sanctify” in no way denies the important doctrine of sanctification or the fact that sanctification is the work of a lifetime. This week we’ll look at another side of salvation by faith, i.e., the promises of victory over sin in the life of one saved by Jesus.

Adam and Jesus

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / November 05, 2017

Through the fall of one man, Adam, all humanity faced condemnation, alienation, and death; through the victory of one man, Jesus, all the world was placed on a new footing before God. Paul contrasts Adam and Jesus, showing how Christ came to undo what Adam did, and showing that by faith the victims of Adam’s sin could be rescued by Jesus, the Saviour.

The Faith of Abraham

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / October 29, 2017

Abraham is one of the most important men of the Bible, he was chosen by God. He was selected for his faith, and was asked to sacrifice his son by God, and what a request it was from God. He was given a choice to make. Who did he love more? God, or his son? There was no hesitation, no questioning of why God had asked him to sacrifice his son of promise. He was ready to sacrifice his son for the Lord. How much does this say about his faith in the Lord.

Justification by Faith

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / October 22, 2017

In the plan of salvation, each of us is the criminal. The Substitute, Jesus, has a perfect record, and He stands in the court in our stead, His righteousness accepted in place of our unrighteousness. Hence, we are justified before God, not because of our works but because of Jesus, whose righteousness becomes ours when we accept it “by faith.”

The Human Condition

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / October 15, 2017

From the Fall onward (The fall of Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden), we have all been contaminated by sin. The expression ‘all are under sin’ must be taken in a spiritual sense; that is to say, not as men appear in their own eyes or in those of others, but as they stand before God.

The Controversy

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / October 08, 2017

The issue for the early Jewish believers was whether Jews had to become Christians in order to accept Jesus and whether Gentiles had to become Jews before they could accept Christ. In the Jerusalem Council, was there a firm answer they made the decision not to trouble the Gentiles with a host of regulations and laws. That is, Gentiles didn’t need to become Jews first in order to accept Jesus. However, some teachers continued to plague the churches by insisting that Gentile converts to the faith were required to keep these rules and laws, including circumcision.

The Apostle Paul in Rome

The Book of Romans - TAMIL / October 01, 2017

Context is always crucial when seeking to understand the Word of God. Paul was writing to a specific group of Christians at a specific time and for a specific reason; In Rome he stated his position on the questions which were agitating the Jewish and the Gentile churches, and showed that the hopes and promises which had once belonged especially to the Jews were now offered to the Gentiles also.