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Present Truth in Deuteronomy - MALAYALAM / Malayalam

When the Israelites were about to cross into the Promised Land, Moses urged them not to forget what the Lord had done for them or what He required of them. Are there parallels between what they faced on the borders of the Promised Land and what we face, today, right on the border of heaven? Yes, there are, as we will see.

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October 16, 2021

On what basis are we called to love God? Why did Jesus choose to cite Deuteronomy in summing up the “Law of Love”? How are our minds involved in the process of love, or is it only how we feel? How is love demonstrated? What is the danger in believing that it’s not necessary to think when it comes to matters of religion?

October 16, 2021

Why is the “Golden Rule” so often referenced but so rarely practiced? What is the real answer to racism and discrimination? Why did God have to tell the Israelites so often to treat the foreigners well? How do we demonstrate that we are truly inclusive? How are we part of God’s demonstration that in his universe the other is always more important?

October 09, 2021

While the “rainbow covenant” certainly is a kind promise by God, how does this look after the killing of everyone on earth except for eight people? How does this promise fit in with the other “covenants” made by God? How do we view this promise for “all future generations” today? How does all this fit into the great controversy perspective?


Jose Prakash
Jose Prakash


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