The Promise: God’s Everlasting Covenant - TELUGU

The Promise: God’s Everlasting Covenant - TELUGU / Telugu

Thousands of years earlier, God made a covenant with Israel, a covenant motivated by love whose roots, in fact, went back even further in time. This quarter, then, we look more closely at what God’s covenant is, what it offers, even what it demands.

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June 20, 2021

Why should we feel joy? On what basis can we claim that promise? What is it about the covenant that should free us from the burden of guilt? What does it mean to have a new heart?

June 13, 2021

Why must salvation be a gift? Why could only Someone equal with God ransom our souls? What makes Abraham such a good representative of faith? What does it mean that righteousness is “imputed,” or “credited,” to us? How can we make the promises and hope found in the Cross our own?

June 06, 2021

Why did God want the Israelites to build a sanctuary? What does the sanctuary teach us about Christ as our Substitute? What does Jesus do in heaven as our Representative?


Samuel N
Samuel N


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