Secrets to Happy Life

Secrets to Happy Life / Hindi

One of the biggest questions we can ask today is "What are the secrets to live a happy life?" Is it love? Is it money? Is it a fulfilling career? Is it a sense of control? To find the answer to this, join us in this series with Dr. Austin Navis to find the answers.

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March 25, 2019

Love is a fancy word to the young minds. But the Bible reveals, Love as a principle which is of unselfish in nature, thinks others first , willing to sacrifice for the benefit of others. And the greatest example of love is Jesus.May we learn daily from Him.

March 18, 2019

People have different distorted thinking patterns. The greatest knowledge is knowing one's own self. Knowing the wrong patterns of thinking will help one to change the way of thinking which will reduce conflicts, resentments and anger. It is worth working for a change!

March 11, 2019

Character determines one's destiny, either heaven or hell.And the character is dependent on one's thoughts and feelings. How to think positively when even the circumstance is not favorable? Is it easy to change the habitual way of thinking? In this show we will learn How to train one's mind to think and act differently.


Austin Navis
Austin Navis

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