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Acts is an account of those crucial decades, which spanned from Jesus’ resurrection in a.d. 31 to the end of Paul’s first Roman imprisonment in a.d. 62. Acts deals with the formative period of the early church, in which there was considerable growth. This can be seen in the way the church dealt with questions concerning the time of Jesus’ second coming, the status of the Gentiles, and the role of faith for salvation. We will reflect on what we, those who have been called by God to finish the work, can learn from their story.

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September 23, 2018

Paul was being taken to Rome from Caesarea on a ship. This journey was cut short because of a tempest. Paul ministered on the ship and also with a prophetic message from God, told that none would die in the ship wreck but there would be casualties. In Malta they had to stay for three months because of the winter, as they were not able to sail during that time. In the stay there, he ministered unto the people.

September 16, 2018

A group of Forty Jews banded together to kill Paul. This news of a plan to kill Paul was made known to the chief captain under whom Paul was imprisoned. He was then taken to Caesarea and put in prison. Paul was confined in Caesarea for two years where he had several hearings on which he appeared before two Roman governors.

September 09, 2018

Paul was accused of introducing one of the gentile converts into the inner court of the temple where only Jews could enter. The crowd was stirred up against Paul and soon a riot took place. The Roman commander Claudius Lysias, came with his troops as soon as he heard about the riot. Because Paul was the target of the attacks, he was arrested and bound with chains and was taken off to the Roman fortress for interrogation.


Sowdhamini Chantiyya
Sowdhamini Chantiyya


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