01 Prophecy Fulfilled_ Cami Unlocks Bible Prophecies in 2020

Wondering where this world is headed? See the prophetic dream of a Babylonian king that predicted the rise of the world’s greatest empires and the end of the world. Let your faith be increased with the more sure word of prophecy. Register today online at and unlock Bible prophecies.

02 The Second Coming of Jesus: The Bible Reveals COVID-19 is a Sign

Wanting to know more about the times we're living in? Is this chaos just that - chaos? Or is it a sign pointing to something greater? Here's a sneak peak for you from the upcoming episode of "The Signs" from our two-week Unlocking Bible Prophecies series. Don't forget to register for all the info!

03 Does the Book of Revelation Bring Good News for Judgement Day ⚖️

We're breaking down some Greek for you in tonight's episode. Want to know the original meaning of "angel"? And what kind of business are these angels in Revelation 14 up to anyway? This isn't cherub's play. Find out in this sneak peak why you'll want to jump over to tonight at 7pm for Episode 3 of Unlocking Bible Prophecies!

04 The Ten Commandments: A Guide to Show God's Love to Others

Have you been shocked at the current decline in morality? Has it even left you astonished at times witnessing the hurtful and abusive videos often posted? See the significance of a law written on stone and how they point us to the Answer @

05 Does God Still Expect The Sabbath Day to be Remembered

Is the Sabbath just something Moses brought down from a mountain? Is it just a fleeting day or is it a symbol of God’s eternal truth? Check out The Authentic Seal @

06 When is The Sabbath Day according to the Bible

Do you remember going to grandma’s and receiving what you thought was a choc chip cookie? Yeah . . . no one likes to be deceived, not even by a raisin cookie. Tune-in as Cami unveils the most devious deception, The Counterfeit

07 What Happens When You Die? ☠️

Is there really life after death? When I die, do I fly away to heaven? What is the soul? If you’re looking for answers to these questions, you’ve stopped at the right post. Head over to to watch The Grave.

08 Shh... Will the Second Coming be a Secret? Discover the Truth

Do you want a clear understanding of how the return of Jesus will take place? Do you want to know how you can be ready for it? Join Cami Oetman as she presents The Rescue @

09 Is Hell Real? The One Thing Most Christians Don't Understand About Hell & the Millenium

It’s worth knowing about hell - but at times it can feel like hell on earth making sense of conflicting ideas. Get the simple and clear Biblical answer in the next presentation, The Desolation. Find it here

10 Is the Mark of the Beast a Chip, a Vaccine or Something Altogether Different?

Perplexed by the many different ideas about the mark of the beast? Wondering whether it’s really even important for Christians today? Listen in as Cami Oetman delivers from God’s Word the truth of the matter. See its importance and how you can be safe @

11 The Book of Revelation Predicted the Rise of Protestantism

“. . . Babylon is fallen . . .” Revelation 14:8. Sound familiar? Cami Oetman is about to present in further detail who Babylon is and why it’s fallen. You can watch it @

12 The Seventh-day Adventist Church Claims to be the Remnant Church of Bible Prophecy. Is it True?

There are so many churches claiming to have the truth but how is one to discover the true church? Does God have a true church? Find the answer from God’s word @

13 The Meaning of Baptism: The Ultimate Spiritual Do-Over

Do you ever feel like you couldn’t be accepted because of your past? Join Cami as she presents The New Life that you can have in Jesus; a clean slate and the acceptance of Christ @

14 The Battle Between Good and Evil Revealed! It's all about you

Do you want to know what the origin of evil is all about? Why is there is so much suffering in the world? Join Cami as she presents The Great Controversy @