Udayakumar And Saadhu

Chamraja Nagar - Baedapura Village

Udayakumar lives in Baedapura village. He had many problems in his life. He was a drunkard and a stubborn person. He lost his job and his life was in turmoil. His wife’s health got worse every day. He lost almost all hope in his life.

Mr. Udayakumar was in a heart-broken state when he came to his relative’s marriage where he saw Pr. H. K . Antony. Udayakumar had seen Pr Anthony earlier in Hope Channel India. He hesitated to approach the pastor, but his wife insisted him to talk to the pastor.He finally approached Pr. H. H. Antony. With tears, he shared about the pains in his life. When Pr. Antony prayed for him, Udayakumar felt rejuvenated.

After 3 months Pr. Antony went to meet Udayakumar in his village. He was so much astonished to see many people approaching him. They referred to him as the Hope Channel India's speaker. Pr. Antony met Udayakumar and had a spiritual discussion and prayed for him. Udayakumar said that he will commit his life to Christ if all the problems in his life are solved. Pr. Antony replied that all things will get back to normal if he only had faith in God.

When the pastor met Udayakumar 3 months later, he was very happy. He said that all the problems he has were gone when he started to pray and believe in Jesus. His wife’s health became better. Now Udayakumar lives peacefully.

Udayakumar attends CSI Church in his village where there is no Adventist Church. When he comes to Kollegal he visits our Church. Udayakumar is a living witness among his people.

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