Raju Rathinam


GOD can heal the broken bones in no time but we need to believe. Raju Rathinam was a painter in the place of Kamageri. It was a tragic day for Raju. While he was painting a newly built factory near his place, he fell off the ladder and broke his left leg. When he was admitted in the hospital, the doctors informed him that it would take an year for him to walk properly again.

He was discharged soon from the hospital. With despair and agony he was sitting in his couch and was watching TV. He happened to come across our channel while browsing through the various channels. The preacher on the TV was speaking about the man who was at the pool of Bethesda for 38 years. The words of the speaker strengthened him. He longed to meet the preacher and noted the contact information.

He called Pr. H. K. Antony and asked him to pray for him. He also invited the pastor over to his house. They had a nice conversation. Then Raju said that he was a sinner and that God would not heal him, but the pastor assured him that our God is a compassionate God and that He would heal him.

He and the pastor prayed together everyday. His leg was healed much sooner than what the doctors had predicted. He now believes in the living God and says, "I have worshiped many gods but only one GOD, which is Christ, hath healed me". He is now a living witness. He shares his testimony with his co-workers at his workplace.

He attends the Kollegal SDA church with his family every Sabbath.

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