Joseph & Vimala

Kollegal town – Christian Street

While we walk in furnace of affliction, God is with us and He will do wonders. Life was difficult and painful for Joseph and Vimala since their land was allegedly claimed by their relatives. They filed a case in the court and it was pending for many years without a verdict.

Joseph and Vimala went to the market to buy the vegetables where they met with Pr. H. K. Antony. The couple were so excited to see a TV speaker in front of their eyes. It was their long time desire to meet the pastor personally. The couple told the pastor that they had seen him on Hope Channel India.

The couple asked many biblical questions to the pastor. Pr. H. K. Antony visited their house the next day where he came to know about their financial problems. They shared to him about their land which was allegedly claimed by their relatives. That case has been registered and it was pending in the courts since 2005.

The family and the pastor prayed everyday. The family came to know more about the love of GOD. Joseph said "if God turns the case in favor to us, we will surely worship Him all the days of our life". 

Four months later, the case was in good progress. The couple felt that the prayer of the pastor had made a remarkable change in the progress of the case and the family was eager to know the truth. Joseph was much excited and amazed to see that they had won the case.

Joseph and Vimala gave their lives to Christ. The family started attending the Kollegal SDA Church. They are being a good support for the outreach in their place through the pastor.

By the grace of GOD, Joseph was able to start a farming in their land.

He is now an active lay worker in Kollegal.

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